Wednesday, 25 February 2009


In this post I'm going to talk about how was Arteixo in the past and how is Arteixo in nowadays.In the year 1990 Arteixo was a very little town.Arteixo has got around 25.295 inhabitants in nowadays, but in the year 1990 had around 17.931 inhabitants (9.003 men and 8.928 women)Arteixo is an industrial town very near of La Coruña Province, in the country of Galicia, Spain.Arteixo has a lot of foreigners from South America, Morocco and other places of Spain and of the world.Now Arteixo is a big town with a lot of mixed cultures.Arteixo's parishes are Sorrizo, Monteagudo, Chamín, Armentóm, Barrañan, Larín, Lañas, Loureda, Suevos, Oseiro, Pastoriza and Morás.Arteixo's mayor is Pilar Souto. With her help Arteixo will have a new school in the year 2009 and it will be invested 3,5 millions of euros.The new school will have 600 of school places.Then we Will be the second school with the greatest capacity behind Ponte dos Brozos, our actual school, with 1.300 enrolled students.

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